The Conceited General (骄傲的将军) 19561 min read

The Conceited General (骄傲的将军) 1956

Amazing animated short directed by Te Wei 特伟 (1915-2010) that would seem to contain some not so veiled social commentary.  John A. Lent wrote an article on the directors work which included the following tidbit:

In 1956, while directing The Conceited General, Te Wei hung a slogan on the studio wall that implored animators to explore a national way. The Conceited General was the first experiment in Chinese-style animation with its Peking opera-like movements. Te Wei said, “We had a clear idea to draw useful things from the traditional arts — local opera, drama, Peking opera. From the models to the movements, we followed these operas. Most importantly, we invited opera teachers to the film studio to show us how to move.”

Nick Stember
Nick Stember is a translator and historian of Chinese comics and science fiction, currently working on his PhD in the Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Cambridge. In 2016 he completed his Master of Arts in the Department of Asian Studies at the University of British Columbia with his (very readable and not at all obscure) thesis on the formation of the Shanghai Manhua Society in the mid-1920s.