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★ Wang Dunqing
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T.C. Wang, 字梦兰
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Published the first iteration of Shanghai Sketch 上海漫畫 with Ye Qianyu 葉淺予 and Huang Wennong 黄文农 in 1927 while working as a school teacher. Was invited to join the relaunch in 1928 but quit on the first day after a falling out with Zhang Zhengyu 张正宇 and didn’t speak to any members of the Manhua Society 漫畫會 until 1931 when he was convinced to join millionaire playboy and erstwhile romantic poet Shao Xunmei’s 邵洵美 (1906-1968) would-be publishing empire, the Modern Press 時代圖書公司, one year after Shanghai Sketch had been absorbed by Shao’s Modern Miscellany 時代畫報.1

He later became the editor of Modern Puck 漫畫界, which apparently was a continuation of Modern Sketch 時代漫畫, after the latter was forced to cease publication in June, 1936 for publishing a satire of Chiang Kai-shek. (This publication should not be confused with 漫畫世界, also founded in 1936,  edited by Huang Shiying 黄士英 and published by the Shanghai Magazine Press 上海雜志公司.) From March to May 1937, Wang served as the editor for 漫画之友, so it seems likely that Modern Puck would have ended it’s run at some point before then.

Co-founded 救亡漫画 on September 20, 1937, one of the first and most influential Anti-Japanese manhua publications which lasted for 12 issues and was distributed across China and East Asia. Worked as a middle school teacher at 上海民立中学 after the Second-Sino Japanese war until retiring in 1962, also served as an editor for 大美晚报.


  1. This is at least the story according to Ye Qianyu in his autobiography. []
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