Chinese Lianhuanhua: A Century of Pirated Movies

Seeing that Eric Abrahamsen’s translation of Xu Zechen’s Running Through Beijing was released by Two Lines Press earlier this month, it seems appropriate to sketch out a tradition of movie pirating that existed in mainland China before the advent of bootlegged DVDs: This is a lianhuanhua 連環畫 adaptation of Star Wars which historian Maggie Greene picked […]

Little Smarty Visits the Future 小灵通漫游未来: A Science Fiction Novel (Part 1 of 6)

What follows is the first instalment of a six-part draft translation of Ye Yonglie’s 叶永烈  (1940–2020) classic illustrated children’s chapter book Little Smarty Visits the Future 《小灵通漫游未来》, first published by Young Children’s Press 少年儿童出版社 in Shanghai in August, 1978, with illustrations by Du Jianguo 杜建国. Ye passed away on May 15 of this year, and […]

Presentism and Comics Studies

Earlier this week, I received some comments from a reader regarding my research focus to “understand Chinese comics from the perspective of the present,” included in a previous post on this blog. The reader warned that this position could be interpreted as an expression of “presentism.” In light of this, I thought I might share […]

Lectures and Presentations

• (forthcoming) “Technologies of the Heart: Cryogenics and Revivification in Post-Cultural Revolution Science Popularization Lianhuanhua” for the panel Caricatures in Flux: Cartoons and Comics in Changing China, 1930s–1980s. Conference of the European Association for Chinese Studies (EACS), Wednesday, 24 August 2022. • “Food for Thought: Lianhuanhua as Spiritual Sustenance.” Reading (in) Chinese Comics workshop, READCHINA, […]

The Fake Foreign Devil is Great!

I haven’t posted much on here over the past year that I’ve been at Cambridge, and in part that’s because my work (as with most first year PhDs I think) has been pretty scattered. I’ve been reading a lot, and writing a lot, but very little of what I’ve written seems particularly blog-able. I do […]