The Shanghai Manhua Society
 Appendix: Tables

Table A.1 Major manhua artists and publishers by decade, 1884-1917 Members of the 1926 Manhua Society are marked in bold.       Pre-1900 Zhang Meisun 張眉孫 (1884-1975) Sun Xueni孫雪泥 (1888-1965) Shen Bochen沈泊塵 (1889-1920) Ding Song丁松 (1891-1972) Zhou Shoujuan周瘦鵑 (1895-1968) Feng Zikai 豐子愷  (1898-1975) Wang Dunqing王敦慶 (1899-1990)         1900-1910 Zhang Guangyu 張光宇 […]

The Shanghai Manhua Society
 Chapter 6: The Legacy

This is the sixth chapter in my MA thesis, The Shanghai Manhua Society: A History of Early Chinese Cartoonists, 1918-1938,  completed in December 2015 at the Department of Asian Studies at UBC. Since passing my defense, I’ve decided to put the whole thing up online so that my research will be available to the rest […]

The Interbellum Manhua Boom

Between World War I and World War II China experienced it’s first boom in the production and appreciation of cartoons and manhua. Although several notable cartoon and proto-cartoon publications predate World War I (and more importantly in China, the collapse of the Qing in 1911),1  it is the 1920s and 1930s which saw comic strips […]